Meet the characters!

This page will introduce you to the characters of the Caldyra Novel, ranging from lead characters, to side characters, baddies and heroes.


The four main characters through who'm the story will be told: Ninae, Rotgar, Borus and Rolfan.

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Ninae Solhelm

Curious, Stubborn, Dreamer.
24 years old, daughter to tavern owner, Phesar Solhelm. Not very loved by her stepmother, nor her own father, Ninae grew up more of a household servant than a daughter. As a teenager, her lifelong ambition to leave home and to wander beyond Azmera's city limits as a merchant was discouraged by traditional Azmerian gender roles. Despite a forced engagement with neighborhood butcher, Ninae continues to meet with a charming stranger who may hold the key to her freedom. Or perhaps she will have to become a woman far removed from her own time, to achieve independence. 

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Rotgar Hardruna

Ambitious, Self-centered, Charmer.
29 years old, bastard born to a prominent family. While raised in wealth and status, his family turned to disowned him at age fifteen in a bid to teach him maturity. Over the following years he learned to fend for himself and obtained a reasonably high position as a Guardian of Azmera.  
His ambitions do not stop there. His true sights are set on the top of the royal hierarchy and no manner of dirty tricks is off-limits to get what he wants. Although never one to be a one-woman kind of guy, Rotgar finds himself questioning his own priorities when a budding romance fills his head with doubts.

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Loner, Selfless, Complicated.
Seemingly about 36 years of age with a mysterious background.  After being imprisoned, interrogated and tortured deep within Azmera's dungeons for years, Borus finally finds himself free after his final attempt at a jailbreak. However, when his escape doesn't go as planned and he is forced to take a hostage, which leads to a predicament: kill the girl or take her with him. As killing is out of the question, he decides to take her with him just long enough to keep guards off his trail and to make his escape. Could there be another reason for why he doesn't want to let her go?



Caring, Righteous, Misleading.
30-year-old best friend of Rotgar Hardruna and a fellow Guardians recruit. Once a man of the people and a skilled thief raised in a brothel, he had to change his ways to become the person his peers truly needed . Now he is rarely seen far from his best friend's side, but has he really become a law-abiding citizen in service of the crown, or does he still have ties to his past?



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Samae Solhelm

Curious, Resourceful, Reckless.
24-year-old twin brother of Ninae. At the age of sixteen, Samae became a monk at the Brotherhood of the Golden Sun temple as a means to avoid the military draft. Secretly, he uses his faith as a cover as he works on his scientific pursuits. After his congregation is framed for the destruction of the Caldyra Temple, Samae is jailed and a death sentence seems inevitable. Despite the Brotherhood’s conviction, many suspect there is a bigger—and hidden—plan at play.
 Ninae provides Samae a way to flee the city and the turbulence within it… but will he succeed?


Alesha Solhelm

Eager, Obedient, Schemer. 
19-year-old half-sister of Ninae and Samae. Though Alesha has trained her whole life to become the perfect wife of a nobleman, she feels guilty for having this honor bestowed upon her instead of her older sister, Ninae. She finds it difficult to rationalize Ninae’s aversion to traditional gender roles and wants nothing more herself than to lead a secure life of propriety. Alesha is in the process of getting engaged to a very prominent man -a bastard-born prince. It seems like all her dreams are about to come true... right?


Queen Kaliyana Hardruna

Obsessive, Demanding, Seductive.
Deceptive Queen of Azmera and evil step-mother to Rotgar Queen Kaliyana is the seemingly un-aging wife of King Jereksar, born into a line of people bred to perfection.  As her own offspring have all been born with genetic defects, she is desperate to birth healthy children. whether that plan includes her husband, the King, remains to be seen.


 Oolbak, Cannibal Huntsman

Trickster, Vicious, Loyal.
66-year-old leader of a scavener hunting tribe.  Oolbak serves the city of Khalon and leads his tribe  through the darkest reaches of Old Sanian forests to hunt for humans. He enjoys playing with his food before making the kill, and takes no small amount of pleasure in seeing their fear and anguish. He’s been known on occasion to deceive his prey into thinking they were free to go, only to swiftly go back on his word. He is a native of the City of Khalon, where dark blood magic has run rampant for centuries and has corrupted humans into the cannibalistic creatures they are now. 


King Jereksar Hardruna

Regal, Strict, Ambitious.
67-year-old King of Azmera. King Jereksar's body has begun to catch up with his age, and he attempts to hide his ever-growing fear of his own mortality. Having been worshipped as a holy figure by his people, he is determent to achieve actual divinity. Will the gods grant him such a boon, or will he have to take matters into his own hands and twist the very laws of nature... 


Jared Jagthauser

Sadistic, control-freak, deceiver.
46-year-old middle class Butcher. Jared, a recently-widowed father to five sons, whishes to fill the gap that his late wife left behind. He views marriage as a practicality; a role to be filled within the household -- or, more accurately, his bed. To the outside world he is known as an esteemed man his true nature is far less honorable. To solve the problem of his recent loss he has set his eyes on a certain much younger girl, and he is determened to get his way.  


Deaubon the Baker

Friendly, altruistic, determent.
43-year-old middle class baker who specializes in cakes and chocolates. Making him the only person in Azmera with his specialized profession he quickly rises in status, close to achieving nobility. His heart however, lies with the commoners and he will do anything he can to use his new found status to bring benefits to his people. To Ninae he has been a true friend and the only fatherly figure she had ever had. Will his need to bring change serve to everyone's benefit, or will he make some enemies in the process?