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Our Team

The duo that is bringing the illustrated novel of Caldyra come to life. 

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Creator and Illustrator.

Hi there!

My name is Suzanne Helmigh and I am a professional Concept artist and Illustrator. After graduating in film and animation in 2010 I started working as a concept artist for various game studio's such as Sony Guerrilla and Mood Visuals. Now mostly doing illustration for on games such as Magic the Gathering and Artifact.
I grew up totally adoring the worlds of the Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park and Star Wars movies.  My interest in creating worlds only grew bigger over the years and in 2013 I started working on Caldyra. What kicked off as a few scenes and drawings turned into a solid story with a series of illustrations and concept pieces. Being an experienced artist but a greenhorn writer has been an incredible and rewarding challenge so far.

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Hi there!

My name is Veronica Sofia Nitu. Suzanne and I share a common background in that we both studied Film and decided to pursue art thereafter. I've been brought onto this project to help interpret the vision she has conjured up for the world of Caldyra, be that through proofreading or through aiding her in expressing her ideas in a way that suits the story artwork she creates. I also offer feedback when needed and generally help out wherever I can. 

About the Caldyra novel.

Caldyra is a fantasy adventure story about a young woman stuck in a patriarchal fortified city, who will uncover an ancient and powerful magic that might restore the balance between the people. Throughout the book you'll switch between four different lead characters, Ninae, Rotgar, Borus and Rolfan. All four of them lead very different lives, yet they have one thing in common: They are all imprisoned one way or another and are looking to find a way to their freedom. Their story arcs will intertwine where some will have rivalry others will have friendship. 
It will be the first part of a trilogy and have 200 pages. 

60 years before the story kicks off, the world was in the midst of a cataclysmic war where people fought for the last remaining seeds of the Caldyra tree. These trees were harvested and consumed to empower humans with magical abilities, but after decades of greed, the tree genus died out, along with the ability for humans to harness magic. Most of the human population died or got enslaved by other magical beings who did not rely on the magical properties of the Caldyra tree, leaving only three cities as the last bastions of human civilization.

Now enough time has passed and a new non-magical generation has risen to prominence. The story starts in the safe haven city of Azmera, where its inhabitants have sheltered inside its fortified walls, never to witness the outside world and experience its terrible dangers. Until Ninae finds a way out...