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Creator and Illustrator.

Hi there!

My name is Suzanne Helmigh and I am a professional Concept artist and Illustrator. After graduating in film and animation in 2010 I started working as a concept artist for various game studio's such as Sony Guerrilla and Mood Visuals. Now mostly doing illustration for on games such as Magic the Gathering and Artifact.
I grew up totally adoring the worlds of the Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park and Star Wars movies.  My interest in creating worlds only grew bigger over the years and in 2013 I started working on Caldyra. What kicked off as a few scenes and drawings turned into a solid story with a series of illustrations and concept pieces. Being an experienced artist but a greenhorn writer has been an incredible and rewarding challenge so far.

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About the Caldyra novel.

In a world where magic is all but forgotten, the people are on the verge of a revolt against their tyrannical monarchy. A class system divides the poor from the rich, but a spark of magic may tip the scales of society.

Caldyra is an illustrated fantasy adventure story divided over three books. This first book will start in the ancient fortified city of Azmera; a safe haven after which the war on magic has nearly killed the entire human population on the planet. Azmera has been protected by an everlasting shield during the war and keeps its people save from the outside dangers long after the war is over. Now, the shield is clearly shrinking as the border districts slowly get exposed again to open sky. People fear for their safety and the lack of provisions is starting to create a famine. 

The story kicks off with four main characters: Ninae the dreamer, Rotgar the bastard prince, Borus the mysterious and ancient prisoner and Rolfan the Rebel. Their narratives will be intertwined as they cross paths and form bonds of friendship and rivalry.

The world of Caldyra is harsh, so it isn't shy of violence, drug abuse, sexual violence, and torture. Much along the lines of IP's such as Game of Thrones and Dragon Age. Where there is profound beauty, there must also be oppressing darkness. 

The book itself will have 200 pages that include more than 200 illustrations. Most of them will be Illustrated by the creator herself: Suzanne Helmigh, but there will be many amazing guest artists such as: Titus LunterAnna SteinbauerSimon Fetscher, Anna VerhoogSharam SunstrumApril PrimeSarah Mason, Alex HeathAmagoia AgirreRachele IppolitiFrancesca BaearaldNatasja van Gestel Alex Tilica and more!

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